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  • Caighyn, The Redeemer(female)
  • Egeth, Bringer Of Death(female)
  • Cighulth, The Young One(female)
  • Caezzeil, Champion Of The Yellow(female)
  • Mietu, Champion Of The Brown(female)
  • Ymrar, The Strong(female)
  • Chimio, The Strong(female)
  • Beothoral, Lord Of The White(female)
  • Narlyphy, The Tender(female)
  • Fyndiroarth, The Tiran(female)
  • Tirlug, The Scary One(neutral)
  • Tairveit, Champion Of The White(neutral)
  • Chaenu, The Evil One(neutral)
  • Murieg, The Life Giver(neutral)
  • Freirmug, The Nocturnal(neutral)
  • Muzud, Eternal Fire(neutral)
  • Xutheirth, The Powerful One(neutral)
  • Suldrulu, Lord Of The Black(neutral)
  • Diamreorros, The Warm(neutral)
  • Xeodaessayss, The Scary One(neutral)
  • Bradrud, The Eternal(male)
  • Rusud, Lord Of The Green(male)
  • Come, Champion Of The White(male)
  • Deinyg, Champion Of The Skies(male)
  • Fryvog, The Skinny One(male)
  • Chaddrar, The Youngling(male)
  • Bilrointh, The Gifted(male)
  • Qothasdin, The Loud(male)
  • Torycrorth, Protector Of Life(male)
  • Chidrocrem, Firebreath(male)

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