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  • Nyllorth, The Dark(female)
  • Fepoan, The Quiet(female)
  • Ophenth, Champion Of The Yellow(female)
  • Yzzyth, The Warm(female)
  • Feldrerth, The Insane(female)
  • Ladess, The Grumpy(female)
  • Ynne, Lord Of The Red(female)
  • Hossuno, Eater Of Bunnies(female)
  • Ithonynth, The Gifted One(female)
  • Sudhodel, Champion Of Men(female)
  • Tona, The Strong(neutral)
  • Eivroirth, Gentle Mind(neutral)
  • Chemmyss, The Dark One(neutral)
  • Nindroa, The Tiran(neutral)
  • Xurre, The Gifted(neutral)
  • Froillied, Champion Of The Brown(neutral)
  • Gydholth, The Scary One(neutral)
  • Geodhiarroi, Lord Of The Green(neutral)
  • Byrsephorth, Lord Of The Yellow(neutral)
  • Vaykentunth, The Clumsy One(neutral)
  • Qoldrai, Champion Of The Yellow(male)
  • Kimbeg, Protector Of The Weak(male)
  • Gralzrer, The Warm(male)
  • Arin, The Life Giver(male)
  • Rerret, The Calm(male)
  • Arveonth, The Slow(male)
  • Jurveg, The Skinny One(male)
  • Qoranty, The White(male)
  • Urryntayt, The Barbarian(male)
  • Dyldreided, The Strong(male)
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