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  • Zakoar, The Clumsy One(female)
  • Hiphy, Lord Of The Blue(female)
  • Mirsiet, The Mysterious One(female)
  • Vighi, Champion Of Men(female)
  • Zypoth, The Slow(female)
  • Freopath, The Protective(female)
  • Chormyth, The Eternal(female)
  • Apeinenth, Eater Of Sheep(female)
  • Frodhade, The Young One(female)
  • Asalo, Lord Of The White(female)
  • Cairsoalth, The Tall(neutral)
  • Teilrenth, Champion Of The Skies(neutral)
  • Pammuth, Champion Of The Green(neutral)
  • Qanuth, The Scary(neutral)
  • Deogheith, The Warm(neutral)
  • Vavray, The Mysterious(neutral)
  • Coidair, The Mysterious(neutral)
  • Viesoiru, The Skinny One(neutral)
  • Qoidhuliarth, The Creep(neutral)
  • Nayvnaediod, Protector Of The Sky(neutral)
  • Ayddrin, The Fast One(male)
  • Ylba, The Loud(male)
  • Patha, The Grumpy(male)
  • Grogen, Eater Of Sheep(male)
  • Tokun, Lord Of The Skies(male)
  • Javorth, The Clever(male)
  • Airgot, The Scary(male)
  • Kovosda, Lord Of The Green(male)
  • Qavrorrid, Protector Of The Forest(male)
  • Temrenunth, The Victorious(male)

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