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  • Mammaelth, The Youngling(female)
  • Ziollyl, The Loud(female)
  • Iodath, The Warm(female)
  • Yzzeth, The White One(female)
  • Adhy, The Nocturnal(female)
  • Irvarth, The Gentle(female)
  • Sighut, The Evil One(female)
  • Hunnintaer, The Fast One(female)
  • Zymmiontuss, Lord Of The White(female)
  • Azziri, The Dead(female)
  • Temroag, Lord Of The Black(neutral)
  • Friemiol, The Gifted(neutral)
  • Carva, The Bunny Killer(neutral)
  • Boandess, The Insane(neutral)
  • Miephayn, The Puny(neutral)
  • Chilleog, The Life Giver(neutral)
  • Zeommenth, The Creep(neutral)
  • Bievnoassoa, Lord Of The Skies(neutral)
  • Vireodaes, The Gifted One(neutral)
  • Qulroipheol, The Black(neutral)
  • Ambyt, Protector Of The Weak(male)
  • Irvoi, Eater Of Sheep(male)
  • Zudraim, Champion Of The Black(male)
  • Jarvun, Protector Of The Weak(male)
  • Ommag, The Skinny One(male)
  • Erves, The Calm(male)
  • Dytess, Protector Of The Sky(male)
  • Xozunirth, Eater Of All(male)
  • Fralzrainiss, The Adorable(male)
  • Qaimeicred, The Adorable(male)
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