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  • Fyty, Lord Of The Black(female)
  • Bove, Bringer Of Death(female)
  • Fidhae, The Nocturnal(female)
  • Bemath, Lord Of The Red(female)
  • Oagyl, Lord Of The Blue(female)
  • Frugho, The Redeemer(female)
  • Shollir, The Puny(female)
  • Degosse, The Hungry(female)
  • Dozidyn, Protector Of Creatures(female)
  • Qighuntot, The Skinny One(female)
  • Xiamrul, The Young One(neutral)
  • Peidhu, The Tender(neutral)
  • Zulrul, Champion Of Dragons(neutral)
  • Udhyl, Champion Of Men(neutral)
  • Illerth, The Brave(neutral)
  • Raivreod, The Puny(neutral)
  • Uniag, Champion Of The Black(neutral)
  • Zayrrusse, The Champion(neutral)
  • Chogiephied, Gentle Mind(neutral)
  • Paykunulth, The Eternal(neutral)
  • Zedinth, Warmheart(male)
  • Rivryt, The White(male)
  • Zidriess, Lord Of The Black(male)
  • Uras, Lord Of The Blue(male)
  • Targyd, The Eternal(male)
  • Neosoin, Champion Of The White(male)
  • Iddria, Champion Of The Brown(male)
  • Noldrycross, The Dark(male)
  • Kynnisder, The Warrior(male)
  • Jilzreosdy, The Evil One(male)

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