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  • Borlith, The Squeeler(female)
  • Gayveth, The Calm(female)
  • Iergoa, The Evil One(female)
  • Zami, The Stubborn(female)
  • Zendres, Protector Of The Weak(female)
  • Uki, The Scary One(female)
  • Syzzes, The Firestarter(female)
  • Syvnossioss, Eater Of Bunnies(female)
  • Orraraet, Champion Of The Brown(female)
  • Orrissurth, The Powerful One(female)
  • Taithaig, Giver Of Life(neutral)
  • Durvia, Champion Of The White(neutral)
  • Riorvoanth, Protector Of The Sky(neutral)
  • Turrug, Champion Of The White(neutral)
  • Saydhair, The Careful(neutral)
  • Frynne, Destroyer Of Men(neutral)
  • Ozzie, Champion Of The Black(neutral)
  • Giovruntoiss, The Dark(neutral)
  • Peirvoantaeth, Eternal Fire(neutral)
  • Uvrynteonth, The Protective(neutral)
  • Bizzyr, Icebreath(male)
  • Bruzzid, The Redeemer(male)
  • Kymrass, Champion Of The White(male)
  • Ores, The Evil One(male)
  • Qaddry, Champion Of Dragons(male)
  • Innointh, Lord Of The Brown(male)
  • Ilbut, The Kind(male)
  • Tirdyntas, The Puny(male)
  • Curdenteir, The Bunny Killer(male)
  • Tundaycrain, Lord Of Ice(male)
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