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New Dragon Names

  • Lidhi, The Tender(female)
  • Nirseot, Lord Of Fire(female)
  • Lymrer, The Dark One(female)
  • Nophu, The Voiceless(female)
  • Frophorth, Champion Of Dragons(female)
  • Qephal, The Tall(female)
  • Gundath, Champion Of The Blue(female)
  • Eghyrierth, The Gifted(female)
  • Endrarre, The Mysterious(female)
  • Chaesenae, Braveheart(female)
  • Iphyn, The Creep(neutral)
  • Reodhied, The Slow(neutral)
  • Mugiar, Lord Of The White(neutral)
  • Eonid, The Warm(neutral)
  • Buthig, Lord Of The White(neutral)
  • Vidhyss, Champion Of The Skies(neutral)
  • Zaelrug, Gentleheart(neutral)
  • Siorviononth, The Creep(neutral)
  • Iaghenen, Lord Of The Yellow(neutral)
  • Raydrayduth, The Mysterious(neutral)
  • Mulria, Lord Of The Yellow(male)
  • Genor, Champion Of Dragons(male)
  • Grutos, The Eternal(male)
  • Temarth, The Rabbit Slayer(male)
  • Qergass, The Dark One(male)
  • Grarvonth, Lord Of The Black(male)
  • Friennay, Champion Of The Red(male)
  • Zoldricrag, The Barbarian(male)
  • Frumredei, The Tall(male)
  • Indranem, Champion Of The Black(male)
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