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  • Ergenth, Firebreath(female)
  • Roga, The Insane(female)
  • Condryth, Protector Of The Sky(female)
  • Pyrse, The Mysterious One(female)
  • Qormi, The Dark One(female)
  • Shyre, Eater Of Sheep(female)
  • Fionel, The Evil One(female)
  • Ryrlissios, The Warrior(female)
  • Nargelat, The Swift(female)
  • Fagophuss, The Warrior(female)
  • Xulraen, Eater Of All(neutral)
  • Qendenth, Redeemer Of Men(neutral)
  • Bairmoarth, The Great(neutral)
  • Payndoiss, The Barbarian(neutral)
  • Boarsulth, Protector Of Life(neutral)
  • Xosass, Lord Of The Black(neutral)
  • Vaipess, The Adorable(neutral)
  • Frurmuneth, The Calm(neutral)
  • Zeopiereonth, The Strong Minded(neutral)
  • Rudeirroan, The Gifted One(neutral)
  • Eva, The Grumpy(male)
  • Morsonth, Lord Of The Skies(male)
  • Kaildror, Champion Of The Skies(male)
  • Dindan, Lord Of The Yellow(male)
  • Brivryg, The Clean(male)
  • Iries, Champion Of The Yellow(male)
  • Mekirth, Protector Of The Sky(male)
  • Irdadut, Lord Of The White(male)
  • Dondorross, The Scary(male)
  • Gannedys, Lord Of The Blue(male)
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